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The call for abstracts for the Silver Jubilee Safety-critical Systems Symposium 2017 (SSS'17) is now available on the event page.

SCSC 25th anniversary and forthcoming changes

May 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the SCSC ... [read more]
25 Years of System Safety the SCSC newsletter ... [read more]
The operation of the SCSC is going to undergo a major change ... [read more]
Impact on data protection ... [read more]

Slides from Events

Please note that slides from events (seminars, tutorials, etc.) are usually available on the event page after the event has taken place. To find these navigate to "Past Events".

Papers from SSS and the Data Safety Guidance document can be found on the "Publications" page.

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Next Club events

  Date  Event  Title
June 9, 2016 SCSC Seminar  Safety Arguments: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly  
London, UK    

June 15, 2016 SCSC DSIWG #27  SCSC Data Safety Initiative working group (DSIWG #27)  
Harlow, UK    

September 7, 2016 SCSC DSIWG #28  SCSC Data Safety Initative Working Group (DSIWG #28)  
London, UK    

September 29, 2016 SCSC Tutorial  An Introduction to Systems Safety  
London, UK    

November 1, 2016 SCSC HIS 2016  High Integrity Software Conference  
Bristol, UK    

December 6, 2016 SCSC Seminar  New Challenges in Systems Safety  
London, UK    

February 7 - 9, 2017 SCSC Symposium  Safety-critical Systems Symposium 2017 (SSS'17)  
Bristol, UK    

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Other events

  Date  Event  Title
May 25 - 27, 2016 ASSC 2016  Australian System Safety Conference 2016  
Adelaide, Australia    

June 6 - 9, 2016 IET SCS course  Safety Critical Systems Course  
Wyboston Lakes, UK    

June 7, 2016 Course  AACE Goal Structuring Notation Course  
Hartham Park, Corsham, Wiltshire UK    

June 16, 2016 SaRS Seminar  Big Projects, Big Problems?  
London, UK    


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