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Web site help

We hope that the majority of the web site is intuitive and easy to use however the following topics may help you get the most from the site.


If you are a registered user on the web site (ie we have an email address for you) you can signup for email notifications of updates to Event Diary entries and other pages. The notifications icon is visible on each page where a notification can be requested.  As well as notifications for individual page updates you can request notification for all SCSC event detail changes.  To do this, login to the site, click on My Details and then the Notifications tab and enable notifications for All events.

Calendar integration

You can import Event Diary information into your personal calendar on your computer, Smartphone ocalendarr Google calendar.  Event information can be downloaded by clicking on the calendar icon for individual events on the event details page or for all future events on the event diary list page.

The process required for each destination calendar will vary but the following should provide a guide:

Desktop calendar (eg Microsoft Outlook). Click on the required calendar icon. This will download an .ICS file containing the event details.  When prompted either Open the file to create a calendar entry or save the file to you computer and them import it later.

Smartphone (using a QRCode reader). Using either a printed copy of the required event details or Print Preview in your web browser of the details page scan in the displayed QR code.

Google calendar. To add an event to Google Calendar you first need to find the URL for the .ICS file for the event.  This can be done by either hovering your mouse over the calendar icon and reading the address from the status line, down loading the .ICS file and noting the URL from the dialogue windows displayed or by creating the URL manually.  Each event has a unique number that can be found in the address bar of your browser when viewing an event details eg ( is event number 210) the URL for the corresponding .ICS file is The URL for all future events is  In Google Calendar select Add by URL from the menu on Other Calendars and enter the URL for the required event or event list.

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