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Interim Def Stan 00-55 Issue 3: The return of the MOD software standard?

Tuesday 12 August, 2014 - Hilton London Euston Hotel, London, UK

Interim Def Stan 00-55 Issue 3: The return of the MOD software standard?

Seminar and Workshop

12 August 2014, Hilton London Euston Hotel, London

The new draft of 00-55 is available via the DStan website here

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A programme for this event is now available.

Development of Military Software and Complex Electronic equipment continues to challenge maritime, land, air, space and cyber-related projects.  Software is frequently blamed for failures in large government and Industry projects.  MOD has responded to this challenge by resurrecting Def Stan 00-55 “REQUIREMENTS FOR SAFETY RELATED SOFTWARE IN DEFENCE EQUIPMENT” and re-focussing it at programmable elements with the aim of addressing technologies typically found in embedded computing systems such as complex electronics, FPGAs, multi-core, etc.  

This seminar and workshop is aimed at software and hardware practitioners, who want to understand, direct and influence the Standard.  It will include briefings on the reasons and requirements for the new version of the Standard.  It will contain interactive workshop sessions for candidates to query and challenge the authors. 

The draft of the interim issue 00-55 Standard will be available on the DStan website in July 2014 allowing attending delegates to prepare for this event.

This event is an opportunity to gain insight into the new Def Stan 00-55 as well as access to members of the core authoring team.






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